Meghalaya Centralised Inspection System (M-CIS)

Meghalaya Centralised Inspection System (M-CIS) is to address the common complaints about ambiguity, duplication and overlapping mandates between inspection authorities, and a general lack of cooperation and coordination. Currently, industrial establishments are receiving multiple visits from different bodies often checking on the same things, and, on some occasions, contradicting each other. Centralised Inspection System aims to achieve the objective of simplifying business regulations and bring in transparency and accountability in inspections.

Invest Meghalaya

The Invest Meghalaya Portal ( ) aims to create an Online Platform for providing best Service towards the Prospective and Existing Business Community in the state. It is a One Stop Clearance System and its a common platform developed for the Investor to obtain various Regulatory Clearances / No Objection Certificates, etc from different State Government Departments. It ensures facilitation to the investors, right from conceptualization of the project till commencement of operations.